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Foots with high protein content, such as boiled eggs and whey protein shakes, are the ideal snack to eat following a workout, according to WebMD. The protein in these foods helps muscles recover and grow more quickly after being damaged by exercise.


According to certified personal trainer Joe Dowdell for Shape magazine, it is recommended that a routine include at least three full-body strength-training workouts every week with a day of rest or cardio in between. An effective workout routine is one that is tailored specifically to an individual'


A boxing workout plan may consist of jumping rope, shadow boxing, both heavy and speed bag work, sparring, running and weight training. An effective boxing workout should increase endurance, speed and strength.


According to How Stuff Works, pink, blue or green are ideal for a workout room. Pinks and blues lend a tranquil quality, so they work well for yoga rooms or other rooms designed for less intense workouts. Green, on the other hand, helps decrease distraction and increase concentration levels.


BodyBuilding.com's full-body workout, MuscleAndFitness.com's summer full-body workout program and the "best" full-body muscle workout from MensFitness.com are some popular total-body workout programs. Each of these workouts is based around resistance exercises for multiple muscle groups.


Swimming is often viewed as being a good workout, as it is one of the few that works the whole body. It often works the shoulders, arms, back, legs and buttocks.


According to Ace Fitness, aerobic exercise, strength conditioning and stretching for flexibility are the three core elements of all good exercise routines. A good routine builds strength, exercises the heart through increased cardiovascular activity and improves flexibility by increasing the body's


Ideas to make a cardio workout fun range from running with a dog or watching a movie while working out to teaming up with a workout partner or using a creative app that changes things up. During a snowy winter, fun cardio workouts can include snowboarding, snowshoeing or skating.


The upper body workouts offered by Muscle and Fitness are simple workouts that target specific muscle groups in the upper body including the chest, upper back, triceps, biceps and shoulders. These workouts require dumbbells, a workout bench and a pull-up bar.


A military workout plan involves exercises such as heavy punching bag work, tire flips, kettlebell swing, push-ups, body weight squats and mountain climbers done five to six days per week. This workout ranges from 60 to 90 minutes and helps maintain the high level of physical fitness needed for comb