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Upon completion of the NJ Hunter Education Program students are encouraged to take the appropriate practice exam(s) prior to attending a field day. Below are links to one practice exam and answer key for each discipline. The minimum passing score for each practice exam is 80%, or 36 correct answers of the 45 questions.


New Jersey's Hunter Education Program relies on the dedication of trained volunteer instructors. If interested complete and fax (908-735-5689) or mail (NJ DFW - Hunter Education, 26 Rt. 173W, Hampton, NJ 08827) the application form (pdf, 90kb). General Information. Hunter education courses are offered FREE by the


NJ HUNTER EDUCATION SHOTGUN PRACTICE EXAMINATION CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION AND COMPARE TO ANSWER KEY 1 The gauge or caliber of a firearm is normally found stamped on the: a. stock b. action c. barrel d. trigger 2 The safety on a gun is: a. a mechanical device that sometimes fails to work b. found on the same place on every gun


Need your NJ hunter license? Take your official New Jersey hunter safety course in 3 easy steps - Approved by the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife! ... hunter safety course Endorsed by the State of New Jersey. Want to purchase a New Jersey hunting License? You need a New Jersey hunter education certificate or a previous year's hunting ...


The Hunter Education Field Day : The final component of the NJ Hunter Education Program is the Field Day. The day has two portions: the field session and the written exam. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR FIELD DAY. ... Taking a practice exam is recommended. Test is graded on the spot.


The New Jersey Hunter Ed Course. Hunter Ed is committed to Hunting education safety. We work with the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife to produce Hunting safety education that’s accurate, interesting, and easy to understand.


Hunter education in New Jersey dates back over 50 years. In 1955, New Jersey was the second state in the country to mandate hunter education for all new hunters. Since that time, a dedicated corps of volunteer hunter education instructors have donated over 500,000 hours of their time and expertise.


Sample Hunter Safety Test. 10 Question Hunter Safety Practice Test. Test your hunting knowledge with this 10 question hunter safety practice test. ... HUNTERcourse.com is the leading provider of hunter education across North America and offers the most convenient way to get certified.


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