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Search for businesses registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State by using the search tool at the Secretary's website. The free search tool allows users to search by entity name, charter number, trade registration number, name reservation number or agent name.


To find Secretary of State locations in the state of Michigan online, begin by visiting Michigan.gov/sos. Simply select the Locate Branch Offices to proceed, and allow the site to access your current location from your device to display the office nearest you.


The Secretary of State's e-mail address is private, but the State Department does provide an e-mail client on its website. This is accessible by scrolling down to the bottom of the State Department's home page and clicking on the Contact Us link.


The Illinois Secretary of State is the head of 20 separate departments that provide public services to citizens, including issuing driver’s licenses and registering vehicles, managing the Illinois State Library and Archives, and organizing literacy and organ donation programs. The Secretary of State


To find secretarial work from home, learn basic skills needed to do home-based computer work, advertise the services with a custom website, and start networking. Secretarial work at home usually involves virtual assistant work, such as marketing, data entry and content writing.


Office secretaries provide administrative support for executives, departments and, in some cases, an entire staff. The secretary answers the phone, develops and maintains a filing system, sets appointments, maintains event calendars and greets visitors.


Medical secretaries provide administrative assistance to doctors and nurses. These professionals work in medical settings including clinics, hospitals and any other health facilities, notes America's Job Exchange. These professionals have extensive knowledge in medical terminology and customer care.


A legal secretary performs clerical duties for a law firm, drawing on his extensive knowledge of legal proceedings and documentation, according to Education Portal. Typically completing a legal secretary training program before employment, a legal secretary is charged with preparing documents that i


According to About.com, legal secretaries can make anywhere from approximately $28,000 to $65,500 a year, as of 2014. This amount depends on both job experience, as well as the size of the firm with which the employee is involved.


The New Jersey Lottery's Pick 3 is a lottery game in which players choose three single-digit numbers for a 50-cent entry fee. The lottery holds drawings twice daily, at 12:59pm and 7:58pm. Players who get all three numbers correct on a standard ticket win $275, as of 2015.