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New Jersey Business Corporation Registry Search. The business corporation registry is the recorder of every business and corporate entities that are incorporated in the state. The registry has all the filing and regulatory information stored in it which has given it the shape of a database.


We provide information for the New Jersey SOS office below. If you need assistance, then use the information listed on this page to contact the New Jersey Secretary of State Office. If you are looking to start a business and want to see if the business name is available, then view how to use the New Jersey business entity and corporation search ...


Find out if a company registered in New Jersey is also registered in other states. National Corporation Directory Multi-State Search (nationwide search of all 50 official Secretary of State databases, $25 fee for unlimited searches for one day) Find more info on a New Jersey company Use the SecStates custom corporation web search tool.


File Standing Definations. Compliant – the organization has met all of the registration requirements of the CRI Act.. Non-Compliant – the organization has not met all of the registration requirements of the CRI Act for one or more fiscal years.. Exempt – the organization meets one of the definitions of an organization which is exempt from the charity registration requirements of the CRI ...


Welcome to the Secretary of State's registered business database. This database reflects current information on record with the Secretary of State. It includes database records of all corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, partnership fictitious names, trade names, trademarks, and real estate ...


The search results will return both active and inactive entities from our database. This is not an indication of the current status of an entity. The information provided in this application is real time and reflects the information on our database as of the date of the search.


Business Services Online > Find and Update a Business Record Business Information Search As of October 19, 2020 we have processed all corporate filings received in our office through October 18, 2020 and all annual reports received in our office through October 18, 2020.


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FastTrack Business Organization Search. This system enables customers to review all documents on file with the Office of the Secretary of State. Enter name (minimum of 4 characters required) or organization number below A maximum of 250 names will be returned.


Name Availability (check to see if a business name is available); Charitable Organizations (view information on registered charities in Kansas); Trademark/Service-Mark Search (view information for a Trademark/Service-Mark on file with the Secretary of State); Note: The state of Kansas does not register sole proprietorships, d/b/a, assumed name, trade name or fictitious name entities.