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What Is the Nitric Oxide Dump? Developed by Dr. Zach Bush, the Nitric Oxide Dump is a new version of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that is designed to stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which can catalyze and promote health.


HIIT exercises like the Nitric Oxide Dump may seem intense, especially for those who are elderly, but most people can actually perform these exercises at any age and still reap major benefits. Before trying the Nitric Oxide Dump, however, talk to your doctor first to check if your body is ready to handle such high-intensity exercises.


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The Nitric Oxide Dump workout stimulates your body’s release of nitric oxide (NO), improving your mitochondrial health, slowing down age-related muscle decline and boosting heart health.


The Four Minute Workout is a new concept of exercise that revolves around the body’s ability to use Nitric Oxide for muscle growth. This is an efficient anaerobic workout that can be done ...


There are many calisthenic exercises that can be used to help release nitric oxide production -- here are some from Dr. Mercola. To know more health and fitness tips, please visit Mercola.com ...


A communication molecule stored in your blood vessels that feeds your muscles is the basis for an exercise sequence known as the Nitric Oxide Dump, which could be called a new version of high-intensity interval training or Peak Fitness. The three- to four-minute workout consists of four basic exercises including squats, tin soldiers, snow angel and military press, which work


Nitrogen oxide may refer to a binary compound of oxygen and nitrogen, or a mixture of such compounds:


I now believe one of the best high-intensity exercises is the Nitric Oxide dump that I demonstrate in the video above. I typically do a modified version of one developed by Dr. Zach Bush. I use 8 pound weights in the video but it is best to use no weights initially. It takes about three to four minutes and is typically done three times a day ...


Nitric oxide is a molecule that plays many important roles in human health. Many supplements are claimed to increase nitric oxide in the body and provide impressive benefits for health and ...