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Question.com utilizes a large public forum to answer questions, so it altogether depends on the type of question asked and the education of the user who answers. As with any open forum, user-generated content, there are risks of getting unreliable information.


Some basic biology study questions are "In which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up?" "What is the study of the classification of living organisms called?" and "What is photosynthesis?" Their answers are "metaphase," "taxonomy" and "the way plants use sunlight to synthesize food from carbon


Websites such as Sparknotes.com and Quizlet.com are useful resources for finding answers to biology study guide questions. Some require you to sign up for an account to view the information, while others are easily accessible. You may also contact your instructor for assistance, as some of the study


The answers to Studies Weekly are not available online. Each subscription of at least 10 copies includes a teacher supplement that contains the answers. Studies Weekly is a series of magazines designed to teach core state standards of curriculum.


Organizations such as Wellmark provide a toll-free phone line that connects callers to a nurse around the clock. Johns Hopkins Medicine is just one organization that offers live chat with a nurse at any time of the day or night. This saves people from driving to an emergency room unnecessarily.


Ask.com uses shortcuts and several different types of searches, such as for images and local answers, to respond to the questions of those who use it. The questions can be in everyday English, rather than highly complicated or specific terms.


Quora and Fixya are two popular question-and-answer sites. Quora allows users to submit questions and registered moderators verify, answer and discuss answers to the questions. Fixya is a similar site, but focused on consumer products.


Yes, it is a common practice of textbook authors and publishers to include study questions and answers to those questions, either in a key at the back of the book or within the text.


Lists of notable question and answer websites are posted on RefSeek.com, FreeMake.com and GuidingTech.com. Popular question and answer websites include Answers.com, Quora.com, Ask.com and LinkedIn Answers on LinkedIn.com.


Some good question-answering websites are Question.com, Education.com and All Experts. On each of these websites, the user types a question into the search bar and receives an answer in several different formats.