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Users can find free answers for all types of questions by visiting online resources such as Ask a Scientist. There are several Ask a Librarian websites and resources that can provide users with the answers they need.


One way to find answers to legal questions is to utilize trustworthy websites such as AmericanBar.org and Law.Cornell.edu. These websites contain information on various legal practices and subjects.


There are many websites where someone can sign up with a login and be paid to answer questions. Some of these sites include questions that users text in to the site, and some are Internet-based question-and-answer sites. Not all question-and-answer sites provide monetary compensation for question an


One common question: "what does the GFCI plug do?" The answer is that the GFCI system is a ground fault circuit interrupter, which detects the changes in power coming and coming out of the closed system. Electrical circuits function correctly when the same amount of power goes into and out of the sy


Because electrical problems can be much bigger and more dangerous than you first think, the best way to find answers to electrical questions is to hire a licensed professional electrician. Another place to start asking is at your local electrical company or city hall. While they may not have a direc


Some basic physics questions can be "what are electrical conductors," "describe refraction," "give the numerical value for the speed of light," "give the definition of momentum" and "specify the units used for work." The answer to some of these questions are that "the speed of light is given as 186,


Effective answers to common interview questions should focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the candidate while relating directly to the company, without placing any party in a negative light. They should show an understanding of company culture and expectations while demonstrating an abili


A successful job interview candidate answers questions in ways that highlight his positive qualities and make his case for why he should be hired. He also avoids disclosing disqualifying information. Superior answers to job interview questions provide examples. For instance, a job candidate who clai


Most companies interviewing for job positions tend to ask very similar questions. Besides asking a candidate about qualifications on their resume, they may ask questions about strengths and weaknesses and why the candidate wants to work at the company.


Some funny questions and their answers are: "How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?" and the answer is, "concrete floors are very hard to crack!" and "How can a man go eight days without sleep?" and its answer is, "he sleeps at night." Another is "Why it is impossible