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It would take 20 million nickels to make $1 million. A United States nickel is worth five cents, so $1 is the equivalent of 20 nickels.


Valued at 5 cents each, 40 nickels combined are equal to the value of $2. Each dollar is worth the equivalent of 20 nickels. The nickel is one of five types of coins produced by law by the U.S. Mint.


Pure nickel is a metal that is silver in color. Nickel can be easily seen in modern coins, which are coated by a nickel and copper alloy to give them their silver tint.


Nickel has to be mined from ore. It is mined in 23 countries around the world and refined in 25 countries. Some of the countries where nickel is easiest to obtain are Canada, Russia, Cuba, China, Australia and Greece. Major countries that refine or smelt nickel include France, Japan, Norway, Finland


Nickel silver is an alloy made from 50 to 80 percent copper, 5 to 30 percent nickel, and 10 to 35 percent zinc. Although it is silvery in appearance, it is non-precious and contains no silver.


Nickel has a total of 28 electrons. Since nickel is the 28th element on the periodic table, it has both 28 electrons and 28 protons.


According to About.com, a standard roll of nickels contains 40 coins and is valued at $2. A standard roll of U.S. coins, also known as a shotgun roll, refers to one that has been wrapped with tamper-proof ends by a bank or a minting authority.


A pound of nickels is the equivalent of 90.7 nickels. Each nickel weighs 0.176 ounce. Since 16 ounces equals 1 pound, 16 must be divided by 0.176 to discover how many nickels are in a pound.


According to The Phrase Finder, a plugged coin is one that has had part of it removed and then filled with a lower quality metal. Because nickels are already not worth much, a plugged nickel is completely worthless.


Today, the United States nickel coin is made of a 100 percent copper center, with a surface made of 25% nickel and 75% copper. But this wasn't always the case. In the past, the nickel was called a half disme and was made from silver. Disme is pronounced the same way as the word dime.