If a game is tied at the end of the third period in the NHL playoffs, periods of 20 minutes are played until a goal is scored. This differs from the rules of overtime in the regular season, where only one 5-minute overti... More »

The National College Athletic Association's rules for overtime in college football say that in the event of a tie game at the end of regulation play, each team gets one possession starting on the opposing club's 25 yard ... More »

There are three periods in a regulation-length hockey game. Hockey is not played in quarters; each game is divided into three frames: the first, second and third periods. More »

Taking into account all stoppages as well as the regulation time of 60 minutes, the average length of an NHL hockey game is two hours and twenty minutes. Many people think of hockey as a relatively fast-paced game, and w... More »

A regulation NHL game is 60 minutes of actual play time; however, the game time lasts approximately two and a half hours with intermissions and timeouts. The length of a game can be extended in the event of a delay or ov... More »

A regular-season game in the National Hockey League has 60 minutes of playing time broken into three 20-minute periods. There is a 17-minute intermission between each period. More »

Fifteen teams were eliminated from the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sixteen teams entered the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and all were eliminated except the eventual Stanley Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings. More »