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Ag-N bond in Ag(NH3)2+ is a coordinate covalent bond. Cu-Cl bond in CuCl2 is an ionic bond. N-H bond in NH3 is a polar covalent bond. Ag-Ag bond in Ag2 is a metallic bond.


a reaction between NH3 and BF3 is another example of formation of coordinate covalent bond during the reaction an electron pairs from nitrogen of Ammonia fills the partially Empty outer shell or ...


The chemical formula of ammonia is NH3. This means that 3 hydrogen atoms are bonded to 1 nitrogen atom. What kind of bond is the 3 hydrogen atoms bounded to the single nitrogen atom? There are two types of chemical bonds. 1. Ionic bond - Occurs mo...


What Type Of Bond Is NH3? (2). Is It A Single Or Double Polar Covalent Bond? This problem has been solved! See the answer (1). What type of bond is NH3? (2). Is it a single or double polar covalent bond? Expert Answer . Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg.


What is the bond type of NH3? The bonds in ammonia are covalent. Read More. Asked in Chemical Bonding Is NH3 a covalent bond? NH3 has covalent bond in it.It is a polar compound.


The types of intermolecular forces present in ammonia, or NH3, are hydrogen bonds. The hydrogen bonds are many magnitudes stronger than other intermolecular forces in NH3; therefore, when examining intermolecular bonding in this molecule, other forces can be safely ignored.


The bonding in ammonia, NH3 is a nonpolar covalent bond. ... Bond angles in various molecules tend to be as big as possible and therefore we would expect a bond angle of 120°.


Within the NH3 compound, three hydrogen bonds exists, Hydrogen bonds only occurs with Nitrogen, Oxygen and fluorine. Basically Hydrogen bond is an attractive interaction of hydrogen atom with an ...


What kind of bond is NH3? Answer and Explanation: NH3 has a covalent single bond among its nitrogen and hydrogen atoms. A covalent bond means the N and H atoms share valence electrons while ...


What is the bond polarity of NH3? Chemistry. 1 Answer anor277 Aug 11, 2018 Answer: Well, we would represent this as #R_2stackrel(delta^-)ddotNstackrel(delta^+)H# Explanation: Nitrogen is more electronegative than hydrogen, and the nitrogen polarizes electron density towards itself. And of course nitrogen is the DONOR atom when ammonia acts as a ...