There are six NFL teams that do not have official or regular groups of cheerleaders. These teams are the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears, and the Clev... More »

As of 2014, the average yearly pay for an NFL cheerleader is $1,250 per year, counting both games and appearances promoting their team. This figure is based upon a lawsuit brought against the Oakland Raiders football tea... More »

The Baltimore Colts were the first NFL team to have a full-time cheerleading squad. The cheerleading unit was formed in 1954 by female fans of the team. More »

The Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals are tied for the oldest teams in the National Football League, although both have experienced name changes. As of 2014, they are the only founding teams left in the league. More » offers a list of current NFL teams. The league has 32 teams, with eight divisions and four teams in each division. The league evenly splits the teams into two conferences: the AFC and the NFC. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports American Football

A National Football League playoff bracket consists of 12 slots for six teams from each conference, and teams are placed in their appropriate position based on the seeding that they received from their regular season rec... More »

Predictions of the results of NFL games are affected by factors such as the record of the teams playing, key injured players, the weather forecast, which team has the home field advantage and key personnel matchups. Thes... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports American Football