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NewWave Communications offers broadband Internet for homes and businesses, cable TV packages, internet video streaming services and phone service. As of 2015, the company operates in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. Customers can check the availability of its


As of 2015, NewWave Communications' cable service serves various states in the United States, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Arkansas. Additionally, NewWave Communication services are also accessible for both residential and business customers located in the states of Illinois a


Communication is a way of sharing information. There are three main types of communication: written, verbal and nonverbal. Each form has its benefits and drawbacks.


The various types of communication systems include tactical, duplex, radio, optical and half duplex. These systems enable the passage of messages from one point to another to achieve a given goal.


A communication system is a way of transferring information from one source to another. Transference can occur between two humans, a human and an animal or a human and a machine.


Communication within an organization is important in the areas of customer service resolution, producing marketing campaigns and fostering relationships between coworkers, according to the Chron Small Business. Organizations must tailor communication based on the audience to maximize efficiency.


Group communication refers to the interactions among individuals in communal settings, and it may involve the exchange of verbal and nonverbal communication. Group communication is generally as effective as those involved make it. A group that is organized and gives group members equal opportunities


The communication process has four steps, which are encoding, medium of transmission, decoding and feedback. Following the steps of the process helps to establish effective communication and ensures that no messages are lost or misunderstood.


E-communication, or electronic communication, refers to the transfer of writing, signals, data, sounds, images, signs or intelligence sent via an electronic device. Some examples of e-communication are email, text messages, social media messaging and image sharing.


Effective communication enhances success, understanding, trust, respect, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving in personal and professional relationships. Effective communication allows a person to successfully convey his thoughts, opinions and ideas to others. About.com states that possessi