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Big Stories 23 Of Our Favorite Feature Stories We Published This Year. A housewife who became the first woman to fly around the world. The boxer who integrated Louisiana.


A feature story is a type of soft news. The main sub-types are the news feature and the human-interest story. A feature story is distinguished from other types of non-fiction by the quality of the writing. Stories should be memorable for their reporting, crafting, creativity, and economy of expression.


Feature Stories; From the human misery files. It was one week before Thanksgiving in 2013 and Ron felt more alone than usual. He was 51 then, and he was relying on the kindness of friends and ...


Ask most people what a feature story is, and they'll say something soft and puffy, written for the arts or fashion section of a newspaper or website. But in fact, features can be about any subject, from the fluffiest lifestyle piece to the toughest investigative report.


A feature story is usually the longest article in your newspaper, above 1000 words, and is often featured on the front page of your newspaper. Typically, you only want to have one of them per issue. It is a blend of a news article with a bit of interpretation of the facts without giving an opinion as to what the solution should be.


The news feature is just as the name implies—a feature article that focuses on a topic of interest in the news. News features are often published in the main news or "A" section or the local news or "B" section of a paper. These kinds of stories focus on a hard-news topic, but they are not deadline stories.


How to Write a Feature Article. Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style of writing. Features focus on an event or individual,...


We look at Tottenham’s meeting with Ajax and Barcelona versus Liverpool, plus key dates and odds


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