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Video: Feature Story: Definition, Format & Examples. ... when, where, and why that is typical of all news stories. A feature story is not about the news; it's about human interest. In essence, we ...


How to Write a Feature Article. Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style of writing. Features focus on an event or individual,...


A feature story for TV news can be more difficult to write than a hard news story. There are rules that govern hard news coverage, but feature stories are all about the reporter's storytelling ability. A "feature" is a story with limited hard news value that is still worthy of being featured on television.


A news feature is a kind of story that focuses on a hard-news topic. News features combine a feature writing style with hard-news reporting. Here are a few tips for producing news features.


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A news feature brings out the best in a reporter. It reflects the reporter’s writing skills and hard work. It is built around a news point and has plenty of information to hold reader attention. There is no one single way in which a news feature can be written. Each writer has his own style, which may differ from subject to subject.


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Features often appear in magazines, although they also appear in newspapers and on websites. Readers tend to prefer them over straight-line hard news reports. You'll usually find a magazine's features toward the middle section of a magazine. This section is known as the "feature well."


Sample Newspaper Feature Article. Officer Outreach Program Shatters Stereotypes. BY JAMES MAGDEN. Elk Creek, Alberta – Any mention of teenagers and police officers in the same setting generally conjures up images of wild house parties getting busted—which is precisely the image Sgt. Karin Occino wants to change.


A news feature is a type of feature story written in the style of a news article. It tackles a topic with painstaking detail and requires facts and research to back the story. News features are increasingly found in publications, as they are more engaging for readers than hard news.