While newborn horses typically cannot walk immediately after birth, they can walk relatively quickly, and are typically on their feet and moving within a half hour of being born. These newborns, also known as foals, are ... More »

An adult female horse is called a mare. Female horses under 4 years old are called fillies. In the context of breeding, a mare is referred to as the dam. Mares kept for breeding are typically called broodmares. More »

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The best way to learn about horse breeding is directly from experts in the field, including experienced breeders and reproductive veterinarians. Books, periodicals and classes can also help inexperienced people learn abo... More »

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There are several terms for male horses depending on their age and whether they have been gelded. The most common terms are colt, gelding and stallion. More »

Prior to the age of four, female horses are called fillies, and from age four and up, they are called mares. Female horses can also be called yearlings when they are between one and two years old, or foals before they ar... More »

Scope, in reference to horses, can mean three very different things. In horse racing, scope is a term used to describe a horse's potential to improve with age. This usage is common in both the UK and international Englis... More »

Most horses are domesticated, but the small numbers of wild horses in the United States live on islands near the East Coast and in 10 Western states, including Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico. Approximately 55... More »