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Items that should go on a newborn baby checklist include diapers, a diaper bag, baby clothes, bottles and bath mitts. The parent's primary responsibilities with a newborn are clothing, feeding and moving the baby, so most checklist items should focus on those needs.


As of 2015, newborn baby health and milestone checklists are available on many websites, including TheBump.com, CDC.gov and HealthyChildren.org. ACT sheets and testing algorithms from the American College of Medical Genetics are available for pediatric care providers on BabysFirstTest.org. Parents a


Five essential items to include on a vacation checklist are cash, any needed medications, a guidebook, an ID or passport for international travel, and crucial toiletries. Other items should also be included depending on travel circumstances and personal preferences.


An after-death checklist is a list of tasks that need to be completed to settle a deceased person's affairs. Some items that might be found on the checklist include planning the funeral, preparing an obituary and closing the person's accounts, according to AARP.org.


A checklist is a comprehensive list of crucial tasks to be completed in a specified order; this ensures no important step is forgotten. Checklists are used in several different fields, from complex medical surgeries to building inspections.


An observation checklist is a list of questions that an observer will be looking to answer when they are doing a specific observation of a classroom. This checklist is often given to the teacher to ensure that there is clear communication between the teacher, the students and the observer of the cla


A good wedding checklist organizes items by category or timeline leading up to the event. The list includes all necessary actions and groups them under categories such as apparel, flowers, stationery, reception and gifts and flowers. Ceremony, rehearsal dinner, photography, rings and honeymoon are a


A vehicle maintenance checklist is a document that contains a list of items that need to be or have been serviced. Typically, a vehicle maintenance checklist concerns preventive maintenance tasks, which involve servicing or replacing items to prevent the occurrence of future problems.


A safety audit checklist is a list of items that businesses in just about every field use to determine the safety of the workplace environment. These checklists contain a detailed list of succinct and actionable items that can help identify weaknesses in the operation of the business.


A bridal checklist typically includes items such as creating a budget, choosing a date, reserving a venue and creating a gift registry. Most checklists also include booking photographers, hiring a wedding band or DJ, and ordering a wedding cake.