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The Times Square Ball is a time ball located in New York City's Times Square.Located on the roof of One Times Square, the ball is a prominent part of a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square commonly referred to as the ball drop, where the ball descends 141 feet (43 m) in 60 seconds down a specially designed flagpole, beginning at 11:59:00 p.m. ET, and resting at midnight to signal the...


Times Square history is most memorable for the ball dropping every year on December 31. Learn about it's past to understand the improvements and progression of the ball drop NYC New Years Eve 2020 in 177 days


Although we’ve come to strongly associate time balls and “the ball drop” with New Year’s Eve revelry, the origins of the time ball are quite distant from the modern Times Square ball drop ritual. In 1829, Robert Wauchope, a captain in the Royal Navy, erected the first time ball.


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History of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball. Revelers began celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square as early as 1904, but it was in 1907 that the New Year’s Eve Ball made its maiden descent from the flagpole atop One Times Square. Seven versions of the Ball have been designed to signal the New Year.


And yet, millions around the world tune in to watch New York’s Times Square ball drop and the numerous events just like it around the world, cementing the new year’s ball drop as a time-honored tradition. But what are the origins of this tradition? As it turns out, the actual history of these “time balls” goes far beyond simple celebration.


Happy 60th Anniversary Time Square New Year's Ball Drop.


The ball for 2017 is preparing for its grand entrance.Source: Seth Wenig/AP. Most of us are familiar with the traditional ball drop in New York City's Times Square; even if we haven't sojourned to ...


The Origins of the Times Square Ball Drop. ... By 1905, the city blocks around the new building — Times Square, named after The Times — had already become a New Year’s Eve destination.


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