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To view the order in which TV shows or movies are played on each channel, visit TVGuide.com. The website lists all available channels, which are organized according to categories such as News, Sports, Movies and Family.


The new Fox TV lineup can be found on the Fox website. Click on the Shows tab to find current show listings and shows coming soon.


Some popular channels in DirecTV's Select package include FX, CNN, Animal Planet, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. The Select package, sold in 2015 at a price of $19.99 a month, has over 130 channels.


The History Channel posts its program lineup on its website, History.com. From the main page, click on Schedule, select a day or week to view from the left side of the page and the time zone from the right. Use the horizontal bar to scroll through the programming by hour.


ABC features the full line-up of its fall schedule at ABC.com. Across the top of the page, a nightly schedule is also available. Additionally, ABC provides a downloadable and printable schedule. TVguide.com offers a similar list and includes the other major broadcast networks.


The fall TV line-up section of NBC.com includes information about series, schedules and season premieres. It offers details on brand new shows, returning favorites and network specials, as well as future shows that are coming soon. New show links lead to extended series information, video galleries,


Throughout the 1970s, the Cincinnati Reds were known as "The Big Red Machine." In 1976, the starting line up known as the "Great Eight," consisting of Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, George Foster, Ken Griffey and Cesar Geronimo, became the greatest line up statisti


The Starting Lineup action figure line is a brand of action figures based on real-life professional sports athletes. Kenner, and later Hasbro, produced the toys from 1988 to 2001.


The AT&T U-verse TV channel lineup depends on a customer's specific geographic location and subscription package. Customers who would like to find their channel lineup can do so on the website for AT&T. AT&T U-Verse is a triple-play program that offers internet, IP telephone and TV through IPTV.


Television service providers publish channel lineup lists on their websites. Viewers are asked to enter their locations or account information to see the correct channel lineup. Additionally, TVGuide.com and TV.com offer lineups for all providers.