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New Mexico's official and unofficial symbols including the state animal, bird, fish, flag, flower, gem, mammal, motto, nickname, coat of arms, song, seal, tree - by ...


Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of New Mexico - places to see in New Mexico - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of New Mexico!


Official State Flower of New Mexico. New Mexico designated the blossom of the desert yucca plant (pronounced “yuh-ka”) as the official state flower in 1927. All State Flowers. The yucca flower was selected by the schoolchildren of New Mexico and was recommended by the New Mexico Federation of Women's Clubs.


The official state flag of New Mexico was chosen from a flag competition in 1920 (the competition was held to replace an older New Mexico flag). The winner was Dr. Harry Mera, a doctor and archeologist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Mera's design is an interpretation of an ancient Sun symbol called ...


Yucca Flower ~ Yucca elata Of the seven varieties of Yucca that grow in abundance in New Mexico, the stately Yucca elata is one of the most elegant. In the early summer, pale ivory flowers bloom at the tips of its long fibrous stalks. At the base of the plant are broad, sharp-edged leaves that look like stilettos.


Yucca flower Yucca glauca The yucca was adopted as the State Flower on March 14, 1927. The yucca is a member of the lily family and a symbol of sturdiness as well as beauty. In the early summer, pale ivory flowers bloom at the tips of its long, fibrous stalks. At the base of the plant are broad, sharpedged leaves that look like stilettos.


Name the state bird or motto or flower of New Mexico? Answer. Wiki User December 17, 2011 5:57PM. state bird -roadrunner. state flower- yucca. state motto - "It grows as it goes" Related Questions .


New Mexico State Bird and Flower. Great picture from the popular Feenixx poster. State Bird & Flowers Poster Alabama - Georgia Hawaii - Maryland Massachusetts to New Jersey New Mexico to South Carolina New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina ...


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This specific roadrunner appeared in a 1982 sheet of 20-cent United States stamps showing 50 state birds and flowers, being the state bird of New Mexico. It is also the mascot of numerous high schools and colleges in the United States, including the University of Texas at San Antonio.