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The governor's activities, services offered, roles of departments, employment opportunities and business news is some of the information available on New Jersey's state website. Other information includes things to know about New Jersey and news about the state's education.


Possible careers with the New Jersey Department of Corrections include those as corrections officers and social workers. Additionally, the Department of Corrections needs teachers, electricians, carpenters and maintenance staff.


Find a doctor in New Jersey by searching online directories, seeking recommendations from family or friends, inquiring from health organizations and sampling various doctor reviews. Factors to consider when choosing a doctor include cost, location and any required specialties.


New Jersey is one of the 50 states in the United States. It is located in the northeast, or what is also known as the Middle Atlantic region. New Jersey was prominent as one of the original 13 American colonies.


The official website of the state of New Jersey contains information regarding employment opportunities, education, government and general information about the state, including its history, culture and maps. The website also features a news section, access to online services and an option to peruse


Some of the counties in the state of New Jersey are Essex, Sussex and Cape May. Middlesex County is another New Jersey county that includes the East Jersey Old Town Village, a preservation and reconstruction of life in the county during the 18th and 19th centuries.


The New Jersey Department of Corrections' website is publicly accessible. Information about the department's functions, statistics and 13 correctional facilities is available on the website.


New Jersey has state laws legalizing Internet gambling and requiring anti-bullying policies in public schools. In 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed a measure that legalizes and regulates Internet gambling in the state, as stated by The Star-Ledger. The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act was signed


The website of the State of New Jersey's Civil Service Commission posts job openings for its family and social services departments, accounting and financial services, and operations for the state's water and sewage treatment facilities, depending on availability. Requirements for each position are


Aetna Health and Cigna Insurance are highly rated health insurance providers based on customer satisfaction and measures of financial stability, as of 2015, notes About.com. Both companies provide health insurance in New Jersey, according to the State of New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance.