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Hands-down the easiest way to set up your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. That is, if you're upgrading from an older iPhone. We walk you through what you need to know.


If you have another device that's running iOS 11 or later, you can use it to automatically set up your new device with Quick Start. Bring the two devices close together, and then follow the instructions. If you don’t have another device with iOS 11 or later, tap "Set Up Manually" to continue.


From there, you can either set up the iPhone 11 as a new device, or restore from a backup. One tip on restoring from backups. You may prefer to use an iTunes backup instead of an iCloud backup. If ...


How to begin setting up your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. The moment you turn on your new iPhone for the first time, you'll be greeted with "Hello" in a variety of languages. It's the same whether you're starting from scratch, restoring from another iPhone, or switching from Android. ...


Set up your new iOS device from a backup of your previous iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. ... Quick Start: Use your iPhone or iPad that's already running iOS 11 or later to automatically set up a new device. iCloud: Transfer your data and purchased content to your new device from your previous device's iCloud backup.


Welcome to your new iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. To turn it on, hold the right side button until the Apple logo appears and then release. 3 Hello Step 3 Hello. ... Tap Continue to set up now or you can set it up later. If you want to set up now, you will be asked to say a few phrases to help with voice recognition.


You just got a shiny new iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. It's got new cameras, faster performance and a longer battery life. There's only one downside: All of your messages, photos, videos and ...


How to Set Up and Activate New iPhone 11/XS/XR/X This is a complete guide about how to set up and activate new iPhone. Just follow the detailed steps to activate your new iPhone (iPhone 2019 included) easily, no matter you are switching from an Android or iPhone, this guide can be both helpful.


Have you bought a new iPhone 11, pro or pro Max (or any new iPhone) and looking for getting it set up with your data and settings.Here this post we go through step by step to set up new iPhone, how to transfer everything from old iPhone to new iPhone, transfer data from an Android phone to new iPhone using Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app and more. let’s start.


iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were released today. In this video I unbox the iPhone 11 in green. I show you what comes in the box, talk about price, specs, and take a look at the ...