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As you probably heard this week, President Obama has signed new GI Bill legislation into law. This will affect students that are using Post 9/11 GI Bill as well as Vocational Rehabilitation. VA’s GI Bill page offers a summary of the major changes for both students and schools. There’s a lot ...


The Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2017, commonly referred to as the “Forever GI Bill,” was signed into law on August 16, 2017. It made several changes to GI Bill benefits, one of which was an extension of the time limit to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill.


The new Forever GI Bill signed into law by President Trump earlier this year has multiple provisions that will roll out in 2018. Among them are changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill for Purple Heart recipients, reservists and dependents — all of which start in August.


The GI Bill for will be undergoing major changes beginning next year, but for the most part only new servicemembers will see any of those changes. The Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational ...


Here are the bill’s biggest changes for student veterans. It eliminates the time limit to use benefits. In one of its most prominent changes, the bill does away with benefit expiration dates for any new enlistees—hence its nickname, the “Forever GI Bill.” Until now, veterans had 15 years after they were discharged to use the money.


If passed by Congress as written, HR 3218 would make 28 changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Here are six of the most significant changes: Time Limit. The current 15-year cap on using the Post-9/11 GI Bill would be removed, allowing future recipients to use the benefit at any time during their life. Purple Heart Equity.


Assistance Act, (also known as the “Forever GI Bill”) with 34 new provisions extends benefits to Purple Heart and Fry Scholarship recipients, makes technical fixes, and launches innovative programs. Forever GI Bill brings monumental changes to Veterans education benefits over the next five years. Most


These are just a few of the GI Bill® changes that have been approved by both the House and Senate. President Trump signed the new Forever GI Bill on Wednesday, August 16 2017 that brings about many changes to education benefits for service members, veterans and their families.


Find out when and how to request a change to your GI Bill school, program, or other VA education benefits so you can keep getting funding to help pay for your education or training. In what situations do I need to request changes to my GI Bill or other VA education benefits? You’ll need to request ...


New GI Bill transfer restrictions: 7 things you need to know Long-serving troops have a year to transfer their GI Bill benefits to dependents before the Defense Department institutes a 16-year cut-off. (MC1 Shannon D. Barnwell/Navy)