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As 2019 approaches, it brings a number of new laws and regulations for employers to address. At the federal level, these include recent or forthcoming changes affect H-2B visas, a raise for white-collar minimum wage employees, joint employment, and overtime rules.


Employment Laws known as Labor Standards. See information about New York State's Paid Family Leave Program (a program administered by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board).. The New York State minimum wage increased on December 31, 2018.


As 2018 draws to a close, employers are looking to the next wave of labor and employment laws and regulations that will take effect in 2019 and beyond. On January 1, and throughout the coming year, employers across the nation must address a host of new or amended federal, state, and/or local obligations.


After the clock struck midnight, Washington state saw a handful of new laws go into effect, ranging from gun control to contraceptive coverage. Washington state voters approved I-1639 with nearly ...


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Staying compliant to all the federal, state, and city employment laws is also challenging to manage. To help you navigate the legal landscape around hourly workers, we’ve highlighted a few 2019 employment laws that may affect your workforce, and compiled a list of resources you can use to stay informed of new legislation.


CHICAGO (WLS) -- January 1, 2019 is the effective date for more than 200 new Illinois laws. The Senate Democrats recently published their list of new and interesting laws that take effect in 2019.


New Federal Overtime Rule Expected in March 2019 By Allan Bloom on October 14, 2018 Posted in Wage and Hour It doesn’t seem that long ago that employers were busily preparing for the new overtime rule that would have doubled the minimum salary level for the “white collar” exemptions from $23,660 to nearly $48,000.


Additionally, there is still plenty of time for new bills to be introduced. The 2019 session will surely a busy one, and we at GovDocs will make every bill tracked and analyzed for its impact on your labor law compliance program. Check back with Labor Law News later in the year for an update on how legislation progresses.


New Federal Department of Labor Overtime Rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act expected in early 2019, as the DOL has put out a notice requesting public comment on the issue.