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Problems with the suspension, transmission, engine and accessories are some common issues with the Ford F-250. A few other problems include coolant leaks and diesel fuel tank de-lamination.


The average selling price of a Ford F-150 is $35,503 based on listings at Autotrader.com. The year and mileage of a Ford F-150 may change the average resale value of the vehicle. For example, a 2006 Ford F-150 has an average price of $13,345, much lower than the overall average.


A basic two-wheel drive model of the Ford F-250 with a regular cab weighs 5,648 pounds. The four-wheel drive model weighs 6,114 pounds.


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In May 2014, Ford recalled almost 4,000 vehicles, including the F-250 Super Duty, due to transmission calibration problems. Ford issued seven recalls on the Ford F-250 Super Duty from 1992 through 2015.


Replacement manuals for Ford F-250s are available on Ford.com. To find a manual, select the Owner link at the top of the page, and select Owner Manuals under Sync & Owner Tools from the Owner sub-menu.


The gross vehicle weight of a Ford F-250 varies and is equal to the weight of the truck including any cargo and passengers. The curb weight of a Ford F-250, or the weight of the truck alone, ranges from 5,941 to 7,668 pounds.


Companies with Ford F-250 trucks that are for sale by owner include Hemmings.com and CarGurus.com, as of 2015. The websites offer advertisements with vehicle photographs, descriptions, asking price and seller contact information. Listings include private owners throughout the United States offering


The Ford F-250 Super Chief has the ability to be powered by gasoline, hydrogen or ethanol. The monochromatic exterior of the Super Chief is made of slick chrome and has aeronautical themed signals.


Wiring diagrams for Ford F-250 pickups are available for purchase on the FaxonAutoLiterature.com website, as of 2015. This website offers diagrams for several vehicles including Dodge, Honda, Toyota and Nissan.