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All DIRECTV systems come with a free onscreen guide which is available by pressing the Guide button on the remote. The guide is also available on the DIRECTV website.


Viewers can find DirecTV channel listings on the DirecTV website. To access the channel listings, they go to the DirecTV website, put their mouse cursors on the Watch DIRECTV option at the top of the page to reveal more options and click Guide.


Philo Taylor Farnsworth is credited with the invention of the first all-electronic television, which was initially demonstrated in 1927. Farnsworth's concept was to capture moving images that were then coded for radio-wave broadcasts in order to transmit a signal to the receiving television set.


To schedule DIRECTV installation, visit the company website, and add a television package to your cart. Follow the ordering process to be taken directly to the appointment page. You need a way to access the provider's website, and you must have your billing information ready.


As of 2015, DirecTV includes a current programming schedule at its website, DirecTV.com. Customers can access scheduling information by clicking on "Channel Guide" near the bottom of the company's home page. Since programming varies by area, enter your ZIP code to see accurate information.


As of 2015, some stations available to subscribers of DIRECTV satellite TV packages include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, ABC, AMC, CNN, CNBC, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Bravo, Disney and Encore, notes DIRECTV.com. The number of channels available varies based on the type of subscription plan.


DIRECTV is a better provider of satellite television services than Dish Network, according to Money Crashers. They have more channels, content and sports than Dish Network, but they are usually more expensive.


Some popular channels in DirecTV's Select package include FX, CNN, Animal Planet, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. The Select package, sold in 2015 at a price of $19.99 a month, has over 130 channels.


To perform a DIRECTV remote control setup with a DIRECTV universal remote and a high-definition DVR or receiver, press the remote's menu button, and then select Settings & Help. Select Settings, and then select Remote Control. Select Program Remote, choose a device for the remote, and follow the pro


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