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Formal communication is the art of conveying messages either written or unwritten in a serious manner, while informal communication is the passing of messages casually or in a relaxed manner. While informal communication is used between friends and family, formal communication is best suited for wor


Rogers Communications provides channel listings on its website. A table lists the channels included in each service package and specifies channels that can be purchased as add-ons, whether individually or in bundles. A search tool enables access to channel lists for specific geographic areas.


The History Channel posts its program lineup on its website, History.com. From the main page, click on Schedule, select a day or week to view from the left side of the page and the time zone from the right. Use the horizontal bar to scroll through the programming by hour.


Rogers Communications offers three Theme Packs, as of July 2015: Sports, News and HD Specialty. Each theme pack includes numerous channels specializing in the title category and can be purchased at an additional monthly service rate.


The three basic types of scanning equipment that allow a user to listen to local communication channels are handheld, mobile and desktop scanners. These electronic devices are also referred to as police scanners.


Some popular channels in DirecTV's Select package include FX, CNN, Animal Planet, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. The Select package, sold in 2015 at a price of $19.99 a month, has over 130 channels.


The AT&T U-verse TV channel lineup depends on a customer's specific geographic location and subscription package. Customers who would like to find their channel lineup can do so on the website for AT&T. AT&T U-Verse is a triple-play program that offers internet, IP telephone and TV through IPTV.


AT&T U-verse television service offers five options for channel lineups: U-basic, U-family, U200, U300 and U450, as of 2015. Each package varies in the number of channels offered, ranging from local channels with the U-basic package to over 550 available channels with the premium U450 package. Price


Cox Communications carries TBS on different channels, depending on the viewer's location. To find the Cox Communications station that carries TBS in a specific area, the viewer must enter a ZIP code and/or state into the location feature on the top right corner of Cox.com.


Television service providers publish channel lineup lists on their websites. Viewers are asked to enter their locations or account information to see the correct channel lineup. Additionally, TVGuide.com and TV.com offer lineups for all providers.