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If you read my newsletters, blog, or books, you know a healthy mouth is a non-acidic, neutral, or alkaline mouth, with a pH 7.0 or above.Tooth roots begin to dissolve as this pH gets a tiny bit below neutral (at pH 6.5) and, when acidity levels dip to pH 5.5 or lower teeth will erode, become discolored, and be at risk for cavities.


The acids in your mouthwash may be eroding your enamel. Protect your teeth by making smarter choices about the mouthrinse you use.


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A pH of 7 is neutral. A pH less than 7 is acidic. A pH greater than 7 is basic. The table below shows the pH of some common mouthwashes. We suggest that you use mouthwash with the high or basic pH measurement. By keeping the pH of a rinse above the point at which decay starts, this will help place selective pressure on the bacterial


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Balancing the pH of the mouth may be one efficient way to reduce bacteria that can cause tooth decay. There are several ways to balance pH including consumption of alkalosis foods, reducing consumption of foods that lower the pH of the mouth, and of course regular dental care.


The calcium crystal in your enamel (the outer white part of your teeth) dissolves at a pH of 5.5. Most popular brands like Listerine, Scope, and Crest Pro Health are at pH 5.5 or below. Most surprising is that the Natural Dentist is much more acidic than the big brands falling in at pH 3.3. Do an experiment.


These instructions will make 1 cup of an alkaline mouthwash at home (~pH 8). You can always make more if you want! Shelf-life: Homemade rinses like this don't have any of the preservatives you'll find in store bought rinses and the baking soda in the rebalancing rinse is converted to sodium carbonate after a few days at room temperature.


"To maintain a healthy mouth, the oral environment must have a relatively neutral chemical makeup, or a neutral pH. When the environment in the mouth becomes more acidic, dental cavities or other disorders can develop, according to Robert Burne, Ph.D., associate dean for research and chair of the UF College of Dentistry's department of oral ...


Therefore; for dry mouth sufferers, it is advisable that all oral products have a pH above 5.5 which is closer to normal saliva. This aligns to Dental professionals preferences for neutral pH products for people with low salivary flow.