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The Germany–Netherlands border is 570 km (350 mi) long (including rivers but excluding the maritime border in the Dollart bay and outside it), and separates Germany and the Netherlands. The provinces (counted from north) on the Dutch side are Groningen, Drente, Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg.


In his expansion plan, he suggested to annex a large part of northwestern Germany. All the land west of the line Wilhelmshaven-Osnabrück-Hamm-Wesel would be added to the Netherlands, as well as the land east of Limburg, where the border followed the Rhine until close to Cologne, then diverging towards Aachen in the west.


My first time visiting a three country border was when I visited Aachen, the westernmost city in Germany. It took me a few hours on a train to get there but I didn’t care, I wanted to go there to see the city and to see where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. meet, just to be able to run from one country to the other.


There are approximately 176 international "Tripoints" (border of 3 countries) on earth! and this one: Vaalserberg, is one of them. It is the border of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Check out ...


Short tour straddling the international border between Germany and Netherlands in the divided small village of Lemiers (the German part belongs to the city of Aachen). What wonderful things a ...


Answer 1 of 8: Hi, a group of 5 of (5 late 20's men) are doing a bit of a tour from Netherlands to Germany , and Belgium late October. Our flights land and leave from Amsterdam so I am wondering what towns close to the Netherlands/Belgium border would you...


Lucky for you, it’s easy to cross countries off your European bucket list. Germany is bordered by nine countries — Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic. I’ve discovered that visiting towns and villages along the border are a great way to see cultural infusion at its finest.


The Netherlands also had to deal with large numbers of escaped prisoners of war, mainly from Germany, and as of 1918, thousands of deserters from the German armies. All this activity made the Dutch border region a highly contested zone between the belligerent and neutral governments, but also for local residents.


A border dispute is not an issue usually associated within the cut-and-dry framework of the European Union. Yet that's just what Germany and its neighbor, the Netherlands, finally laid to rest on ...


My road trip through Germany took me through lesser-known towns and villages on the border between Germany and the Netherlands. I also had the great opportunity to stay at some of the best Romantik Hotels in these areas.