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Nerve pain in the thigh is caused by damage to the femoral nerve, which in turn may be caused by direct injury, pelvic fractures, radiation to the pelvis or prolonged pressure on the nerve, according to Healthline. A tumor or other growth may also cause nerve pain.


Nerve pain in the thigh may indicate a condition called meralgia paresthetica, which occurs due to damage to or too much pressure on one of the nerves, explains WebMD. This condition is also known as Bernhardt-Roth syndrome, and avoiding tight-fitting clothing can help relieve the symptoms. Severe c


Groin pain in men is often a result of injury or a pulled muscle due to sports, according to Mayo Clinic. Less common causes include kidney stones and diseases such as epididymitis and hydrocele.


Muscle, ligament or tendon sprain can cause groin pain in men, according to Mayo Clinic. Persistent use of the affected area may aggravate the problem. It is common in people who play football, hockey and soccer.


Treatment of pain in the groin depends on the cause, explains Healthline. Doctors recommend home treatment measures, such as resting and taking pain medications, for minor cases, including pulled muscles. Severe groin pain requires treatment, such as surgery, to relieve the pain.


Some possible causes of groin and leg pain on the right side include infections, bone fracture, urinary tract infection, bone cancer, bursitis and muscle overuse. Minor groin and leg pain often subside on its own, notes WebMD. However, pain the is severe and does not go away after 2 days should be r


Groin pain is caused by a number of factors, including muscle strain, an inguinal hernia and kidney stones, reports Healthline. Contact a doctor immediately if the pain spreads, or if there is blood in the urine.


Groin and pelvic pain in females can be caused by menstrual cramps, ovulation, ovarian cysts and fibroids, according to WebMD. More serious causes of groin and pelvic pain include a miscarriage, uterine or cervical cancer, an ectopic pregnancy or pelvic inflammatory disease.


According to Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services, groin pain in women can be caused by several factors that include injury, ovarian cysts, urinary tract infections, yeast infections and arthritis. Treatment for groin pain depends on the underlying cause, and additional testing such as urinaly


Male groin pain is caused by a wide array of issues including ligament, muscle or tendon strain to the groin area, according to Mayo Clinic. Kidney stones, a fracture or hernia may also cause pain in this area. Additional causes include fluid buildup in the testicle, cancer and osteoarthritis.