Neolithic tools were mainly made of hard stones like flint. Chalk and limestone contain flint. There are various colors of flint like blue black and dark brown. More »

The Neolithic age, which took place between 9,000 B.C. and 3,000 B.C., describes the period of human history that featured the use of stone tools, the appearance of domesticated plants and animals, and the appearance of ... More »

The Stone Age began 2 to 3 million years ago and ended at around 3300 B.C. The dates for the beginning and end of the Stone Age are ranges because the definition of the age refers to the tools which were developed at dif... More »

Farming implements, looms and spindles, and pump drills are some tools used by the Hopi Indians. Before the European settlers made contact with the tribe, Hopi Indians utilized simple tools for everyday jobs, such as pic... More » World View Social Sciences Anthropology

There are many different types of fake primitive stone tools and weapons available on the market today so true identification requires a scholar or stone trading professional. Contact a reputable, full-time professional ... More » World View Social Sciences Anthropology

Actron makes automotive diagnostic scan tools, code readers, compression testers, fuel pressure testers and specialty tools. The company also manufactures timing lights and vacuum pressure gauges. Actron’s electrical tes... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Grub, the son of Jane Goodall and photographer Hugo van Lawick, was born Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick. He was born on March 4 1967, the year after his mother received her PhD in animal behavior. More »