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1 – NEMA Rated Type S Contactors and Starters. 2 – NEMA Rated ... Continuous current ratings. 9 A. 18 A. 27 A. 45 A. Motor. 200 V. 1.5 HP/1.1 kW. 3 HP/2.2 kW.


Ratings of contactor used in this starter, do not exceed ratings: Size 32 Contactor, Nema Size 1P 3 phase- 10 HP @ 230 VAC You must use a control voltage 208 -  ...


A NEMA size 1 starter, with a maximum 10 hp at 480 V, has a continuous rating of 27 A, while an equivalent IEC device is rated for only 18 A, making it critical to ...


Handle Guard Kit with Padlock Provision, For Use With Fractional HP Starters. Item # ... Manual Motor Starter, Toggle, 1 Enclosure NEMA Rating, 16 A Amps AC .


NEMA magnetic motor starters are available in various voltage and horsepower ratings with the following designations: sizes 00 through size 9, consecutively.


Frame Ratings. NEMA standards define 11 magnetic starter sizes (00 – 9) for low -voltage starters and specify horsepower ratings for each size. Ratings for IEC ...


Categories per NEMA ICS 2, Table 2-4-17. = Load Types per UL 508, Table 62.4. General Purpose. Ratings. Industry Stan- dard HP rated. Motors. Applications.


Enclosure. NEMA Type 12/3Rq. Dusttight and Driptight Industrial. Enclosure. Motor. Voltage. (Starter. Voltage). Max. HP. Poly- phase. Coil. Voltaget. NEMA. Size.


NEMA Size, Continuous Ampere Rating, Service-Limit Current Rating (Amperes) (4), Maximum UL Horsepower (2) Three-Phase, Three-Pole Non-Reversing (3) ...


Jul 15, 2020 ... A motor starter is an electronically operated switching device that starts ... said that low-horsepower motors, below 5 hp, don't require starters either. ......