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Pakistan is situated in southern Asia. Pakistan is between the countries of Afghanistan and India, also bordering Iran and China. Pakistan's southern coastline borders the Arabian Sea for about 650 total miles.


Pakistan is located in South Asia on the western side of the Indian subcontinent. Its latitude is from 24 to 37 degrees north, while its longitude is from 61 to 75 degrees east on Earth's Northern and Eastern Hemisphere.


An estimated 196,174,380 people live in Pakistan, based on 2014 data from the Central Intelligence Agency. Pakistan has experienced a continuous increase from its 2010 population of 173,149,306. Pakistan is the sixth largest country in terms of population as of 2015.


The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad, as of November 2014. Islamabad has been the capital since 1966 and is in northeast Pakistan. After Pakistan became independent in 1947, Karachi was established as the country's first capital.


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an Asian nation with a population of more than 180 million people. It is famous for a number of reasons, including its beautiful landscape, several architectural wonders with deep rooted history and a number of other natural wonders. ...


The main religion of Pakistan is Islam, with around 95 percent of the population identifying as Muslim. Islam is recognised as the country's official religion by the government.


The national sport of Pakistan is field hockey. However, recent results for the Pakistani field hockey team at international competitions have not lived up to its glorious past. As of 2014, the team has not won an Olympic medal in the sport since 1992.