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India’s Neighbouring Countries 1. Afghanistan. The Indian state which shares its border with this country is Ladakh (PoK). The border length is 106 km. The capital of this country is Kabul. The languages spoken here are – Pashto, Dari. The official currency is Afghan Afghani and there are 34 states in this country.


6 essential facts on the neighboring countries of India. At a Glance. 1. India shares its borders with China, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.


Countries Bordering India Pakistan . The border separating India and Pakistan is approximately 1,800 miles long, and it passes through a vast array of terrains extending from cities to deserts. Both India and Pakistan were colonies of Britain, and after each country gained their independence, the border became the most contentious issue between ...


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India And Its Neighbouring Countries 1. Made by>Akshat Trivedi Class>XI-A 2. India’sRelationshipwithherNeighbors! India has a long land frontier and coastline. It shares boundaries with Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma)and Sri Lanka. India has adopted a foreign policy of neutrality and non-involvement.


In the decade of 1960 and 1970s, India’s international position among developed and developing countries faded in the course of wars with China and Pakistan, disputes with other countries in South Asia, and India’s effort to balance Pakistan’s support from the United States and China by signing the Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation in August 1971.


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India and it's neighbouring countries 1. India has always beenknown as a“peace-loving country”. 2. India is situated in the southern part Asiaat the head of the Indian ocean. It is theseventh largest country in the world.India is the only country after which anocean Is named. 3. India championed thecause of peace in the world.


India is located in South Asia. It is largest country in South Asia in area and population. There are seven neighbouring countries on the frontiers of India. 17 states of India have common land ...


Neighbouring Countries of Georgia – Armenia (164 Km), Azerbaijan (322), Russia (723 Km), Turkey (252 Km). Neighbouring Countries of India There are 6 land bordering countries of India – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal, Pakistan. Sri Lanka is also geographically considered to be joined by Adam’s bridge.