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However, being a surgeon comes with its fair share of advantages like a high salary, rewarding life work, and actually getting to make a difference in the world. Really, it comes down to whether or not you have the dedication and passion for sticking with the medical field for over eight years just to get your career started.


Being a doctor, pros, cons and the calling. One article in the complete guide to the process of becoming a physician. From deciding upon the career, to taking the MCAT, USMLE and the pros and cons of working as a physician.


Many advantages and disadvantages come with being a doctor. Some of the career's most notable rewards and challenges include income, prestige, helping others, job-related stress, long work hours ...


Doctors use subjective and objective standards when choosing to administer medical care, and unfortunately doctors are not perfect. Another disadvantage in being a doctor is that there has been an increase in litigation and malpractice lawsuits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2005 close to 2,500 malpractice claims were handled.


Using their knowledge, Doctors may work for the benefit of needy and backward areas/communities. They have the power and knowledge to uplift the society. Let us check out the cons now. Cons . 1 Long course duration & high fees. Becoming a Doctor is not an easy task. MBBS in the minimum qualification required to practice medicine in India.


Pros of Becoming a Doctor. Being Capable to Assist People: Virtually all of you have suffered a feeling of vulnerability when other around you have been ill and don’t do anything to assist. Being a physician empowers individual to be capable to do anything for the ailing and sick instead of only standing weakly.


Every career has advantages and disadvantages. In no particular order: There is so much that you will see that you CAN’T fix. First day in Med school, one of the emeritus docs gave us our “intro to medicine” lecture. One of the things he said was ...


Cons of Becoming a Doctor: However, there is another side to the coin. Besides the enormous cost, consider the following: Stress. Being a doctor requires long shifts, multitasking, and dealing with the weight of your patient’s lives on your shoulders. While you do get to save lives, this is a much higher level of responsibility than most ...


Only you can decide if the benefits of becoming a doctor would adequately compensate you for the time, money and effort required to earn a medical degree. Being a doctor requires completion of an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school and up to seven years of internships and residency ...


Being a Doctor, Pros, Cons and What It's Really Like. The Process of Becoming a Doctor (2) While U.S. physicians' incomes vary based on their specialty and on their location, they still averaged about $160,000 a year in 2007.* Physician incomes/salaries remain among the highest of all professions.