The fact that a negative times a negative equals a positive can be proven mathematically using algebraic manipulation. Specifically, it can be proven using the equation x = (a)(b) + (-a)(b) + (-a)(-b), where a and b are ... More »

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Proponents of communism say the socioeconomic structure ensures equal access to education, health care and other basic human needs for all, while opponents say it encourages laziness and greed and often results in what a... More »

A negative number divided by a negative number always yields a positive number. For instance, -4 / -2 = 2. In other words, there are two -2s in -4. More »

Algebra 1 focuses on the manipulation of equations, inequalities, relations and functions, exponents and monomials, and it introduces the concept of polynomials. One of the key skills learned in Algebra 1 is the ability ... More »

According to Math Open Reference, pi is a mathematical constant obtained by dividing the circumference of any circle by its diameter. Pi is about 22/7 or 3.142. However, no one knows its exact value. More »

One interesting fact about algebra is that the name originated from the Arabic word "al-jabr." Its history began in ancient Egypt and Babylon. The Persian mathematician Muhammed ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi is credited as one o... More »