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Soda consumption can lead to increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes. However, drinking soda in a moderate way also brings you some amazing benefits that you should know. From the site Vkool.com, and I made this article to show you top 12 side effects of soda consumption on your health and body. 12 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Diet ...


Drinking soda has far more serious health risks than you may realize. See why the negative health effects go beyond your teeth and your waistline. These 21 soda health risks will convince you to cut back or eliminate soda from your diet.


Soft Drink Consumption and Energy Intake. The overall effect size (r) across all studies for the relation between soft drink consumption and energy intake was 0.16 (P < .001, Q 46 = 715.46, fail-safe N = 9726).Because there was a significant degree of heterogeneity among the effect sizes, we separated studies according to type of research design.


The Negative Effects of Soda Consumption September 15, 2017. ... It’s time to get the facts about the widespread, negative effects of soda. Too much soda consumption may cause weight gain. Here’s how fast sugar in soda gets turned into fat: As soon as you take a sip, the pancreas starts generating insulin to respond to the sugar.


A rare glass of soda is not poison, but a can of cola a day certainly is. If you are in the habit of guzzling cans of soft drinks after a hot day out, with your evening spirit, or to wash down a meal, you need to go easy. The harmful effects of soft drinks extend beyond weight gain and obesity.


Soda has been associated with negative effects like obesity, calcium depletion and tooth decay. Nevertheless, soda as other beverages has health benefits like promoting hydration, relieving stomach problems. Below are more details of positive and negative effects of soda. Take a deeper look at these now! I. Positive Effects Of Soda On Health. 1.


Soft drink consumption is a growing health concern. If you are a habitual soda drinker, consider that one 32-ounce soda contains about 26 teaspoons of sugar, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The excess calories and sugar that soft drinks contain are linked to a number of adverse health effects.


High fructose consumption will lead to obesity and other conditions like metabolic syndrome. Another negative of fructose consumption is that it doesn’t promote satiety. In layman that means you don’t feel full and you consume more which leads to a vicious cycle . 5. Bad for the Teeth. High sugar content in soda is bad for teeth.


WebMD examines the facts about sodas. There are so many studies that the information can be confusing. Learn the real health effects of soda and diet soda.


Here are 13 reasons why sugary soda is bad for your health. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the most fattening and most harmful aspect of the diet.