There are no free email databases that can be legally accessed. However, there are companies that compile and sell large email lists consisting of the users that subscribe to websites to other companies. These lists are ... More » Technology E-mail

To use Outlook Express to check email, open the program, select Account from the Tools menu, and press the Add button then Mail. Enter the user's name, email address, email server information, account username and passwo... More »

Email at Texas Women's University runs on two platforms: Google and Exchange. To log in on either platform, an individual must have a Pioneer Portal Account, which unlocks pages that exist only on TWU's Intranet. Once a ... More » Technology E-mail

You can perform a search for email address in previous correspondence, public directories or using database sites like has the largest database of email addresses in the world. More »

Free email database lists can be found at This website provides downloadable email database lists, with slow downloads being free and fast downloads incurring a fee. More »

A common method that companies use to organize email lists is through the use of a spreadsheet or database. Excel is one program that can be used to create email spreadsheet lists. More » Technology E-mail

To send a free get well card by email, select a website to send the card from, type the recipient's email, and hit Send. Some limited processing information can also be required. Someecards, American Greetings, and 123 G... More » Technology E-mail