To fixed scratched glasses, clean them with water and dish soap, and remove a scratched lens coating with sunscreen. For deeper scratches, buff out the scratches with a paste of baking soda and water or a nonabrasive too... More »

Cheap prescription glasses may offer a huge price advantage over customized glasses purchased after an eye exam, but this same “one-size-fits-all” approach is also their biggest disadvantage. If cost is the most importan... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

EBay, Ruby Lane and 1st Dibs are a few online resources where users can purchase antique crystal stemware. Ruby Lane and 1st Dibs offer antique stemware at a fixed price while eBay sells for fixed prices and at auction. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Bifocal glasses work by correcting both near- and far-sightedness in an eye using two different sections of the lens, each having its own point of focus. For most bifocals, the nearsightedness is corrected in the top por... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

Prism eyeglasses are prescription glasses that have a prism in the lens. The prism can be ground into the lens, or it can be a sticker stuck to the lens. The primary use of prisms in eyeglasses is for positional correcti... More »

Hakim Optical provides services such as fittings for prescription glasses, contact lenses and recommendations on style and lens type for glasses. Hakim also offers a one-year warranty against defects and accidental damag... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

When putting in contact lenses, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, dry them thoroughly, close or cover the sink drain, keep both eyes open when inserting the lens, and place it gently on the eye. If you use too ... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts