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A list of Spanish words starting with the letter "I" can be viewed at the SpanishDaddy and Dict.cc websites. The former website includes Spanish words that are similar to their English equivalents while the latter includes a more comprehensive selection.


There is a pronunciation guide for basic Spanish at the Omniglot website. This includes a pronunciation guide to the Spanish alphabet (or "alfabeto"), enabling users to gain a better understanding of how to sound a variety of basic Spanish words.


The Spanish word "tapicería" literally translates to "upholstery" in English. It refers to a person who works in the upholstery trade but can also mean an upholstery store.


Many Spanish schools offer Spanish lessons, including Enforex, don Quijote and Salamanca University. Each school incorporates study abroad programs for learners of all levels. Specialized programs by age or interest are also available.


The Spanish word "juegos" is a masculine plural noun that translates into English as "games." The singular form in Spanish is "juego." In English, this means "game."


The basic ingredients for Spanish rice include rice, stock and tomatoes. Spices, such as salt, pepper, garlic and chili powder, are needed, along with vegetables. Common vegetables include onions and bell peppers.


The principal translations for the English words of "grief" and "sympathy" into Spanish are "dolor" and "compasión" respectively. The translation of these words can vary because of their several meanings.


Get inspired to add Spanish-style elements to your home with these photos from HGTV.com.


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