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The Xfinity website provides a detailed channel guide that customers can customize to display only the channels and times that are relevant to them. It also features a print function for viewers who prefer to have a paper channel guide when navigating television content.


Some of the most popular television shows available on Xfinity on Demand include "CSI: Miami," "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Celebrity Apprentice," as of December 2015. Some other popular shows available on Xfinity on Demand include "Game of Thrones," "Dora the Explorer" and "Hawaii Five-O." Because


The channel lineup for Comcast's Xfinity television service is available at Comcast's website. Near the top of the page, hovering a cursor over the Programming tab brings down a sub-menu that includes the Channel Lineup, which makes it possible to bring up the channel listings.


Consumers can contact XFinity customer service by calling 800-934-6489. Alternatively, visiting Xfinity.com, clicking on the Contact Us link, and then clicking on the Chat With An Agent button allows consumers to converse with a customer service agent using the online chat feature.


On X1 platforms, press the Guide button on the remote and then search channels with Directional Buttons, by typing in the channel number, or by typing in the channel name alphanumerically, and then confirm the selection with the Ok button. On DTA platforms, press the INFO button, then navigate to TV


Comcast's Xfinity cable service does offer high definition, or HD, television. The company provides thousands of television shows and movies in HD, both through its standard cable services and online.


Upgrading your Xfinity service requires logging into your Comcast account and selecting the available services or products you wish to purchase. Phone agents or online chat representatives can also upgrade your service for you.


XFINITY Wi-Fi is available for qualifying Internet customers only, and can be accessed from XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspots that are available around town. After the first time connecting to a XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspot location, the user's wireless device will automatically connect to other hotspots from there o


Xfinity offers digital sports, movie, news and family channels. Subscribers can also get local channels as well as high-definition channels, which require specialized equipment. Xfinity features On Demand and Pay-Per-View channels that both require additional fees.


Comcast Xfinity customers can view their bills online by logging into their Comcast account, navigating to the Billing and Payments page and selecting a bill listed on that page. Comcast provides links to both the most recent bill and past bills on that page.