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As of 2015, 68 teams compete in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. The tournament has increased in size several times since its inception, including a 1985 expansion to include 64 teams. This format held for over 20 years before expanding to the current 68-team field in 2011.


No. 14 seed UAB upset No. 3 seed Iowa State 60-59, No. 14 Georgia State knocked off No. 4 Baylor 57-56 on a 3-pointer with 2.6 seconds left, No. 8 seed Cincinnati slipped by No. 9 Purdue 66-65 in overtime and No. 4 seed North Carolina survived Harvard 67-65.


Some good, free online basketball games include “Stick Basketball” and “Bobblehead Basketball.” These games are among the most popular basketball titles on AddictingGames.com, a gaming website.


A professional basketball game in the National Basketball Association (NBA) consists of four quarters of 12 minutes each, making the game last for 48 minutes. College basketball consists of two halves of 20 minutes each, with a 40 minute game overall.


As of 2015, CBS broadcasts the NCAA Championship game that most commonly refers to the final game of the Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. CBS broadcasts the game on television and online through March Madness Live.


Two-player basketball games include HORSE, twenty-one and old-fashioned one-on-one. Players have the option to play each of these games on a half-court setup, rather than a full basketball court.


ESPN and College Sports Live are legal sources for online UConn basketball game streams. UConn games may also be streamed live during the NCAA Tournament through CBS Sports.


The NCAA basketball tournament bracket organizes the teams in the NCAA's postseason tournament so that the match-ups for each round are determined based on which teams win the previous round. Selection committees select 68 men's teams and 64 best women's teams each year to participate each year.


Star Plus does not live stream U.S. basketball games, as of 2015. Star Plus is a Hindi language entertainment channel that features serial dramas, reality shows and talk shows. Star Plus is part of the Star India network that also owns the channel Star Sports. Star Sports broadcasts live cricket mat


Red Light, Green Light, Dribble Survivor, Dribble Tag and Follow the leader are some fun basketball games kids can play on the court, but Basketball Dare, Basketball Shootout and Cannon Basketball are fun basketball games kids can play online. Websites like Online Basketball Drills and CSO Sports pr