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In order to form a limited liability company, or LLC, the owners must choose a unique business name, file the articles of organization, create an operating agreement and obtain all applicable licenses and permits. Two other steps may be required: if employees will be hired, the business owners must


Forming a limited liability company is a good option for a businessperson who is worried about being sued, has an online business or wants to keep his personal finances separate from his business finances. LLCs can also be a good option for heavily invested non-businesspeople who desire the financia


LLC stands for limited liability company, a type of formal business structure. LLCs blend the advantages of a corporation with those of partnerships. An individual can set up an LLC, as can two or more partners. Forming an LLC avoids the personal financial liability of a sole proprietorship.


A limited liability company is formed by registering the business with a state agency through the filing of articles of organization. Each state details the information that must be included in the document before it can be accepted by the registering agency, as explained by the U.S. Small Business


Forming an LLC is usually done through the secretary of state's office of your state by filing the required documents, filling out the state forms and paying the required fees and taxes. In some states, the party listed as a member of the LLC must publish a notice in the newspaper.


Starting a limited liability company requires a business owner to draft and file articles of organization with a state agency, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Preparing the articles of organization requires the owner to select a unique name for the company and arrange for a busi


Forming a limited liability company, also known as an LLC, involves selecting a business name for the new entity and filing appropriate paperwork with the LLC filing office of the state in which the business exists. Each state associates different fees and taxes with the filing process.


The first step to form an LLC in Colorado is to file a document to establish a new record of business with the secretary of state’s office. The document requires you to submit the name of your prospective LLC with one of the following terms or abbreviations included: Limited Liability Company, LTD.


A limited liability company, or LLC, is a legal business structure registered in a state by a single owner or multiple members. A primary motive for business owners to register an LLC is to create a separate business entity to avoid personal financial liability for business debts.


An LLC, or limited liability company, is a cross between a limited company and a partnership. It allows the business to practice as a limited company, but with the same tax benefits and flexibility as a partnership.