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In a normal NBA basketball season, each team plays 82 games, with 41 at home and 41 away. Exceptions have occurred in the past where the season was shortened due to labor-dispute lockouts, such as the 66-game season during the 2011-2012 season.


Dennis Rodman was the first NBA player to have a tattoo that was publicly shown. In 1996, Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers was one of the players who made having tattoos in the NBA more mainstream.


The NBA league salary minimum for the 2011-2012 season was $490,180 for a new player with less than a year of service. The NBA salary minimums vary from year to year based on revenue and the amount of time a player has been in the league.


The official height of a regulation NBA basketball hoop is 10 feet from the floor, and the backboard extends another 3.5 feet vertically and 6 feet horizontally. The hoop is 18 inches in diameter. The height of the hoop is standard across all levels of play.


Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are some highly regarded basketball players in the history of the NBA. All of the players are in the Basketball Hall of Fame and are considered to be some of the best that have ever played in the NBA. Some of them are most famous for individual excellence


A talent scout for the NBA earns between $28,340 and $450,000 per year as of October 2014, according to Future All Stars. Scouts should have at least a bachelor's degree and some experience in human resources, sports management and communications.


The NBA was founded on June 6, 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. It took its current name three years later after merging with the rival National Basketball League. The inaugural 1946-47 campaign saw the Philadelphia Warriors defeat the Chicago Stags in the first-ever NBA Finals.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) typically does not disclose salaries of its assistant coaches. However, it is believed that the top NBA assistant coaches earned between $750,000 and $1 million per season as of 2014.


An NBA basketball rim is 10 feet off the floor on which the game is played, and measures a diameter of 18 inches. In order to score a field goal in basketball, players must throw the ball through the rim and the attached net.


In European and other overseas basketball leagues, player salaries typically range from $65,000 to $100,000; however, a top league can pay over a million dollars a year, for the right player. In many instances, the pay is untaxed, with many teams also providing players with apartments and vehicles.