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A private in the Navy Reserves is the lowest-ranking position in the Reserve component of the U.S. Navy. New recruits, with no prior experience in the service, normally occupy that position. They are not entitled to wear the insignia, although they receive pay from day one.


Along with transporting and deploying military personnel and equipment, the United States Navy responds to disaster relief needs around the world. Among their primary objectives are to win wars and deter aggression.


There are several different reasons for discharge from parenthood with a lack of a family plan to care for the child, physical injuries, mental instability, personality disorders or bad behavior. There are five types of discharges available including honorable discharge, general under honorable cond


Though the specific details may vary between hospitals, patient discharge forms typically require the name and medical record number of the patient, documentation of her condition, and information about the person or entity responsible for her after the discharge. It may also include other details a


The Army Reserve is a group of trained soldiers who are not considered active duty. They are often allowed to live civilian lifestyles, engaging in some form of military training on specific dates throughout the year. Army Reserve members can be called upon in times of war.


Possible causes of large quantities of vaginal discharge include the use of antibiotics or birth control pills, ovulation, sexual arousal, diabetes, vaginitis, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and certain sexually transmitted infections, explains BootsWebMD. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two sexu


A discharge of mortgage form is the form filed with the appropriate office for records when a mortgage on a home is paid off, explains the Norfolk County Register of Deeds. The form clears the title of the home to which the mortgage was attached.


A medical discharge review, known in the military as a physical disability review, refers to the process of determining a discharged member's physical disability status, according to the Military Health System. The intention of such a review is to ensure the accuracy of a veteran's disability status


Navy "A" school is the advanced or technical training a sailor moves on to after finishing boot camp. During "A" school, the restrictions imposed at basic training are gradually eased, and students are faced with the increased freedom and responsibilities of regular sailor life.


The Navy Reserve is a force of highly trained men and women available to meet the expanded needs of the regular Navy. Reservists serve as officers or enlisted personnel. The Navy Reserve is a force of highly trained men and women available to meet the expanded needs of the regular Navy. Reservists s