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The highest rank normally achieved in the U.S. Navy is admiral. Admiral is a four-star flag officer ranking and is typically only used in times of war. Admiral is considered the equivalent of a general in other branches of the armed forces.


The highest ranking economies as of 2015 include those of Switzerland, Singapore, the United States and the Netherlands. The lowest ranking economies include those of the Central Africa Republic, Eritrea, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The U.S. Army rank hierarchy consists of 29 grades of soldiers in three main categories, including officers, warrant officers and enlisted soldiers. The highest officer rank in the Army is general, and the lowest-enlisted rank is private.


Ranks of the U.S. Air Force are General, Lieutenant, Brigadier, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant. Sergeants in order are Chief Master of the Air Force, Command Chief Master, Chief Master, Senior Master, Master, Technical and Staff. Airman ranks are


Navy ranks begin with Chief Warrant Officers and end with Fleet Admiral, a wartime-only rank. In between are junior officers -- Ensigns, Lieutenants Junior Grade, Lieutenants, Lieutenant Commanders -- and senior officers -- Commanders and Captains. Rear Admiral, Lower and Higher Half, Vice Admiral a


The lowest commissioned officer rank in the U.S. Navy is Ensign, followed by Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander and Captain. The next ranks are Rear Admiral (lower half), Rear Admiral (upper half), Vice Admiral and Admiral. The highest rank, Fleet Admiral, is only u


U.S. Marine Corps enlisted ranks range from private, private first class and lance corporal to the noncommissioned officer ranks of corporal and sergeant, ending with sergeant major of the Marine Corps. The top warrant officer rank is chief warrant officer five. Commissioned officers rank from secon


Including special ranks, there are 26 different ranks in the US Navy, ranging from Seaman Recruit to the Fleet Admiral, which is reserved only for wartime. 11 of these ranks are officer ranks, and out of those, five are admiral ranks.


According to survey results that appeared in the Washington Post in 2014, the top five U.S. presidents in order are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson. The survey gives Lincoln an average score of 95.27 out of 100, while Washington rece


In ascending order, the ranks for Navy officers are Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (lower half), Rear Admiral (upper half), Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral. There are also five ranks of warrant officers, who in all cases ar