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Along with transporting and deploying military personnel and equipment, the United States Navy responds to disaster relief needs around the world. Among their primary objectives are to win wars and deter aggression.


The U.S. Navy provides a list of ships on its website, Navy.mil. To locate the list, click on About, and choose FAQs. Scroll down the alphabetical list of topics to Ships - What Happened to My Ship, and select List of Active Navy Ships from the choices.


For naval officers, jobs are available in the following fields: aviation, business, law, religious leadership and support, engineering and science, health care, communications and technology, energy, security, special operations, air-traffic controller, building, sonar technology and more. Positions


Navy "A" school is the advanced or technical training a sailor moves on to after finishing boot camp. During "A" school, the restrictions imposed at basic training are gradually eased, and students are faced with the increased freedom and responsibilities of regular sailor life.


Official Old Navy applications can be completed online through the Career section of the company website. Printable applications are not available on the official site but can be found on several job application sites.


The order of commissioned officers from lowest seniority to highest is Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (lower half), Rear Admiral (upper half), Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral. It should be noted that Fleet Admiral (O-11) is


The job description of a Navy Seal involves special reconnaissance, direct-action warfare, counter-terrorism and foreign internal defense activities. A Navy Seal is a military expert trained for highly intense and challenging combat capabilities above and beyond the skills of a standard military ope


Some good jobs for retired Navy Seals include private security professional, paramilitary contractor and government service contractor. Other jobs that retired Navy Seals can take are business and professional pilot.


As of 2015, the Standard Navy Distribution List is a directory that provides the proper mailing addresses for all United States Navy commands. Produced at the Washington Navy Yard by the Office of the Assistant Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Shore and Fleet Organization Branch, the SNDL provides fo


To join the Navy, contact a Navy recruiter in the local area, and meet the eligibility criteria. The requirement criteria can vary based on personal experience, educational background and personal circumstances.