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To obtain a replacement copy of an honor discharge certificate, or a form DD-214, fill out Standard Form 180 and send it to the National Personnel Records Center along with a letter of request. An alternative option is to visit the eVetsrec website and follow all instructions carefully.


It is possible to find gift certificate templates at 123Certificates.com, GetCertificateTemplates.com and GiftTemplate.com. These websites offer customizable templates and outlines for different businesses, events, special occasions and holidays.


Create your own gift certificate template in a program such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop by using the text and drawing tools to make an outline, then adding images as necessary. Alternately, download and customize a template from sites such as GiftTemplate.com, 123Certificates.com or JukeBox


Training certificates contain a statement regarding certificate of achievement, the recipient's name, a description of the accomplishment and the organization awarding the certificate. Tidy Forms, Template.net and Sample Templates offer templates for download in different styles and formats.


According to Free Printable Certificates, there are several adoption certificate templates available. There are adoption certificates for children, pets, dolls and stuffed animals. Before adoption certificates can be issued, the adoption must be finalized, notes Adoption.org.


Hoover Web Design and Tidy Form both maintain free templates of certificates of participation and other documents. These samples are simple given that certificates of participation exist solely to show that an undersigned party participated in a program or course.


A free online template for a certificate of achievement can be found at Education World. Tidy form also has a large selection of certificate of achievement templates that users can download for free.


To print a gift certificate template, a computer networked with or connected to a printer is required. 123Certificates.com offers gift certificates that can be personalized for free on the site.


If someone is using Microsoft Word, he or she can download customizable certificate templates from the Microsoft website. Although the templates may read "Certificate of Achievement" or something similar, they are easily altered to reflect a baptism. The text, pattern and information provided can al


Certificate templates are available for online creation through websites such as Certificate Magic, as well as downloadable from Microsoft Office. Blank certificate paper is available for purchase from office supply stores such as Staples. Plain office paper is suitable for printing the certificates