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Speech of Appreciation by Retiree or Leaver - Free Example and Writing Ideas I would like to take a moment this (evening/afternoon) to share with you all, my sincere gratitude for my time spent working here at (name of company).


It occurred to me, as I sat listening to the traditional nautical-themed recitations, that the U.S. Navy probably has one of the most unique retirement ceremonies in comparison to its civilian counterparts. There are no gold watches given, no lavishly decorated ballrooms or dining halls and no cookie cutter speeches.


welcome to this special occasion, the retirement ceremony of captain doug carsten from the united states navy. this ceremony is the final stage in a very full and productive career that spanned 30 years of naval service; in this time honored naval tradition, you will witness speeches honoring


Military Retirement Speeches honor a remarkable individual. Years before, when this young person was enlisting, this day seemed impossibly far off. Yet today they are no doubt delighted to be here and looking forward to the future. There will be mixed emotions; excitement and pride might be mixed with some trepidation.In our military retirement ...


2 saluting Fleet Minyard for his outstanding work as the 15th United States Pacific Fleet, Fleet Master Chief. When Fleet Master Chief became #15 in June 2009, he was quoted in the news.


Then-Adm. Bill McRaven at his retirement ceremony in 2014. ... come from a 2014 University of Texas commencement speech. ... a family member of a deceased US Navy SEAL during a ceremony in Ft ...


As you know, the official history of American women in the military began over a century ago. In the late 1980s, when Jane began her military career, the percentage of women in the military was quite small, especially in the navy. In many ways, women who wanted to be in the Navy were discriminated.


A basic ceremony usually includes an award, a short speech by the commanding officer, music, reading of the retirement orders, and a speech from the retiree. But other speakers can be invited (the better the speaker knows the retiree the better), special songs played, or anything, really, that doesn’t take away from the overall dignity of the ...


RADM LYLE BIEN'S RETIREMENT SPEECH - This is a message from the CNO with an excerpt from RADM Bien's retirement speech. It's really good reading, and worth passing along. SWCC GRADUATION SPEECH - Given to the graduating class #29 at the Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman school in November 1998.


The launching and christening ceremony are a joint effort by the building yard and the Navy. The ceremony normally consists of: The playing of the national anthem. A welcome by an official of the shipyard. A speech by a suitable dignitary. An invocation by a chaplain. The introduction of the sponsor, invariably a woman, normally one with some ...