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GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: Well, thank you very much, Secretary [William J.] Lynn, Admiral [Mike] Mullen. Ambassadors, members of Congress and the Cabinet, service secretaries, members of the Joint ...


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May 25, 2017 - Speech given at Rob's retirement ceremony.


Navy Captain Justin D. Debord celebrated 25 years of military service during a retirement ceremony in the Operations Center Auditorium June 29 at the Defense Supply Center Columbus. Navy Capt. Justin D. Debord departs DLA Land and Maritime for his final time during a June 29 retirement ceremony celebrating his 25 years of military service.


A military spouse’s retirement speech. by Alison Buckholtz. ... listening to the parade of speakers at my husband’s recent military retirement ceremony. The white uniforms — chokers, they’re called, for their high collar — contrasted sharply against the floor-to-ceiling American flag. The officers’ rows of medals shook softly as ...


Navy retirement ceremony for THIRD Fleet Commander VADM Nora Tyson.


Speech of Appreciation by Retiree or Leaver - Free Example and Writing Ideas I would like to take a moment this (evening/afternoon) to share with you all, my sincere gratitude for my time spent working here at (name of company).


welcome to this special occasion, the retirement ceremony of captain doug carsten from the united states navy. this ceremony is the final stage in a very full and productive career that spanned 30 years of naval service; in this time honored naval tradition, you will witness speeches honoring


As you know, the official history of American women in the military began over a century ago. In the late 1980s, when Jane began her military career, the percentage of women in the military was quite small, especially in the navy. In many ways, women who wanted to be in the Navy were discriminated.


Gather the military member’s record of service to find what awards and decorations were given to him. These can come straight from the member or, with special permission from the commander, the unit's administrative staff. The presentation of these decorations is often a centerpiece of the retirement ceremony, so this should be the first ...