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From lowest to highest, the ranks of the U.S. Navy are ensign, lieutenant junior grade, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander, captain, real admiral lower half, real admiral upper half, vice admiral, admiral and fleet admiral. The highest rank in the U.S. Navy, the fleet admiral, is reserved f


Commissioned officers of the United States Navy have 11 active ranks of insignia, and commissioned warrant officers have four active ranks. The U.S. Navy reserves the insignia of Fleet Admiral for wartime, and it last awarded this rank to four officers during World War II. The insignia of Warrant Of


In ascending order, the ranks for Navy officers are Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (lower half), Rear Admiral (upper half), Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral. There are also five ranks of warrant officers, who in all cases ar


The U.S. government purchases naval ships and other military supplies from private contractors in the United States and abroad. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Seyer Industries, Northrup Grumman Systems Corporation and Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems are a few of the largest defense contractors tha


The U.S. Army has 11 commissioned officer ranks and five warrant officer ranks, according to its official website. Commissioned officers train and lead soldiers in all situations, and warrant officers provide technical specialties involving vehicles, combat systems and army networks.


United States Naval Officer Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry negotiated a treaty that opened up Japan to trade with the United States of American on March 31, 1854. He negotiated with Japanese officials for months to facilitate trade between the two countries.


Common duties of a security officer include patrolling and protecting property against theft, terrorist threats, destruction or other illegal activities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Security officers perform routine security checks and use equipment such as alarms and surveilla


At the most basic level, the commissioned officer ranks of the Air Force, from lowest to highest, are Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel and General. There are no warrant officers in the Air Force.


The rank structure for U.S. Navy officers begins with ensign and ends with admiral. Beginning with the lowest, the ranks are ensign, lieutenant junior grade, lieutenant, lieutenant commander and commander. They continue increasing to captain, rear admiral lower half, rear admiral upper half, vice ad


A public relations officer trains, develops and leads a staff of public relations (PR) professionals in building publicity for an organization. From a leadership standpoint, a PR officer helps develop a PR plan and then coordinates the different aspects of scheduling media communication and holding